Its been a long road taking this jet from an idea and making it a reality.

I loved the Scrapjet reveal video by Games Workshop. I knew i wanted that model but was not sure what i wanted to do with it. I was inspired by @TableTopTeek on Twitter. This mad mek bashed together a Scrapjet and a Dakkajet to great success!

I wanted to take this in a different direction, so i looked for another type of aircraft to get a Scrapjet flying again. I settled on the F4U-4 Corsair at 1/48 scale and was off to the races.

I started planning how these 2 would come together, which parts i needed and which i wanted but could be flexible with. I even sketched out a plan of what might work…

Then i took the hobby saw to a model and the fun really started. There is no feeling like that first cut, for better or worse, your in this now and there is no going back! After a few sices and fittings it started to take shape. At this point i had to give up on the Grot tail gunner, it was just too big to easily fit into the design.

Once i had a basic shape i did a scale test to see how it compared to the regular Games Workshop Dakkajet. I was pleasently surprised it was about the same size!!

One of the best parts of a conversion like this is the leftover bitz you can use on another project!

Now that the basic design was done, i needed to Ork it up (and cover gaps on the model)! So i added a lot of “extra armor”. It meant i’d need to add a ***** ton of rivets to finish the look. (400+ added in this picture and it wasnt even done!)

I also decided early on i wanted this jet to have options as i fielded it on the table, so i added magnets under the wings for bombs and missiles.

Then painting began. While i was painting @ArtistsEmpire on twitter saw a work-in-progress shot and brought it to life!!! This blew my mind, i love it so much!

Once the painting was done I needed a base that helped tell its story. So i added some craters, a hill, bushes, and debris. I also added footprints in the snow. This was some poor soul running on the battlefield and then… Boom!!! All thats left is a crater where he was.

I did go back and add a white wing stripe, and a few transfers to finish it off… And now finally its done!!!

Thanks for coming along on this journey. Its been a long fun, riveted road. But i love this jet, and cant wait to get it on the table.

-lil mek

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