Hi I’m Reece, the new Editor for BigMek’s Workshop. I’m not very good at introductions. But I’ll give this a go.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a somewhat posh, introverted Brit that I’m not great at them. I’ll cop to some of*. But I think it’s more because online, your work has to speak for itself.

Chuck and Curtis have asked me on board after writing for the site (you can see my work here and here). One thing I recognised when I first read an article was that this site has something very special about it. Their work speaks for itself. That they’ve asked me to take this role shows (I hope) that they see something special about me too.

My job will be making sure there is more of what you want on the site, keeping the mixture of quality and friendly shitposting that site has become known for whilst the Chuck and Curtis focus on more grand ambitions.

I’ve been wargaming for 20-odd years now, ever since my dad handed me a paintbrush and sat me down in front of some Humbrol SAS models. So, I’ll be adding my years of experience and need to wander off on tangents about obscure genre shows to the conversation that Chuck and Curtis started. If those two are the Meks, banging ‘eads together and thinkin’ all big like, I’m their favourite Grot, knee deep in sweat and applying the extra coat of red paint to the site to make it go faster.

Get excited. We’re going places.

To keep updated, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.

* I’m a guy with a triple-barrelled name by choice who is sipping an Earl Grey tea whilst I write this. Some stereotypes exist for a reason.

Lead image by Stugmeiester.


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