With Orktober building up, it’s time for us to go over our most sought-after updated Ork models. Orks in Warhammer 40,000 have always been a fond love of mine. Not enough to buy and paint hundreds of Orks, though, but on paper and to play against they are always an utter joy. You can always count on Orks to bring the fun. Though that’s not truly the case with some of the current models. So, I’m going to run down our most wanted models for Orks to either be updated or brought into existence entirely.

5. Ork Boyz

Don’t get me wrong here, the Ork Boyz kit currently suits its job absolutely fine. The models don’t look outdated against some of the latest releases from 40K and they have plenty of options on their sprues. At a stretch, my biggest issue is when you compare them to some of the Age of Sigmar releases. The Orruks of Age of Sigmar have some astonishingly wonderful models.

The regular Ork Boyz in 40K don’t strictly need a face lift at this point, but when I look at these guys in Age of Sigmar, they do show their age a little. If they can do these guys justice within a fantasy setting, imagine what they can do for their sci-fi counterparts!

4. Squigs. Squigs. Squigs.

The only thing that’d make me happier than a fleet of Orks hurtling towards my Dark Eldar would be a fully fleshed-out retinue of Squigs leading the charge. The ravenous mutt-beasts of the greenskins are perfectly fitting for their aesthetics. However, they have a lesser presence in 40K currently, possibly because of the outdated models.

Amongst the Ork models, these certainly show their age. There’s something iconic and familiar about their appearance, but I feel that these things are due a makeover to bring them into Warhammer 40K properly. Let’s usher these guys into Orktober with new models with enhanced ridiculousness and more teeth.

3. That Weird-Lookin’ Weirdboy

Yet another model guilty of being left in the sidelines for too long is the Weirdboy. As the lone psyker for the Ork forces as a whole, this chap is absolutely in need of bringing up to speed. Available solely in “finely detailed resin”, time has not been kind to the Weirdboy. In fact, most folks I speak to running Ork forces tend to convert shaman models from Age of Sigmar.

It certainly isn’t the worst-looking model in the range, but the time has come. Be rid of this resin relic and bring in plastic splenour! Will Orktober see a brand new Weirdboy model? We’ve seen nothing just yet. However, I remain hopeful.

2. The One. The Only. Ghazghkull Thraka

The biggest, baddest, ‘ardest Ork of the 41st millenium. Ghazghkull is supposed to be the most intimidating, hulking, devastating leader the Ork hordes have ever seen since Ullanor in the days of the Great Crusade, as far as I know.

In these days where the Death Guard have Mortarion, the Chaos Daemons have Bloodthirsters and the Imperium has Guilliman, this guy is hardly up to scratch. He’s too small, lacking in some of the recently-achieved detailing and is also in resin, sadly. With the ever-improving capabilities of what can be sculpted and churned out, Games Workshop and the Citadel team owe Ghazhkull everything he deserves. A new model, worthy of the leader of the galaxy’s biggest Waaaagh! Make him as big as he needs to be to bring the fighter to the humies and anyone else in his way.

1. Ork Warboss In Mega Armour

If there’s one thing that entirely halted me in my tracks for starting Orks it was this. I was digging deep into the possibilities of an Ork army, deciding what vicious and inspiring leader I’d want. A warboss in hulking armour, charging with the boys into a fight ticked all of my boxes. However…

Bar the aforementioned Ghazghkull Thraka, there’s no model for such a unit. Typically what I’ve seen players do is get the Orruk Mega Boss from Age of Sigmar and do some conversion work. Give him a Big Choppa and a Shoota of some sorts and away he goes! I’m always keen to see conversions, but it feels as though there should at least be an option for a default model. I found my hunger for Ork warfare halted dead in its tracks with no such model being available. Thus, of all the Ork models that I’d love to see come out of Orktober, the Ork Warboss in Mega Armour would be the top of the choice for me.

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