Grot Pooping In Helmet

Disclaimer: This actually isn’t a Top 15 list, but it is actually three different Top 5 lists from our primary three contributors, The Big Mek, the lil Mek, and Reece, who doesn’t have a cool nickname quite yet. So strap in, and get ready for a wild cruise through the Ork line.

BigMek: Just to get a jump on things, I’ll go first and my number 5 is the Gobbo/Snotling pooping in a helmet.  It’s funny. It fits the Ork sense of humor. It fits my sense of humor. And with some hacking, he could easily be pooping in a Kannon, an access port… his Killa Kan… oh that’s a great idea!

LilMek: It does encapsulate the Ork range. Highlights the comedic value in Orks. Pooping into a Mek gun would be hilarious. Solid choice.

Feral Orc (Ork) Shaman

Reece: Its a fun model. The best Ork models always have some character to them. Which is why one of my choices is: The Feral Ork Shaman. You very rarely see Orks that get old and it’s great to see a model that is. The Feral Ork range was always enjoyable if limited. He just looks so grumpy and ready to use his staff on an unruly Gretchen.





BM: Ha, that leads me to my #4 choice but let’s get the little Mek ‘s #5 first…

Double Fisting Grot

LM: #5 for me is this grot from the Mek Gun kit. Ready to fix or rig anything.

BM: And in John Woo style too…And another conversion idea rears its ugly head

Reece: Ok, next choice is Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka himself. Even if he isn’t quite as large a model these days due to scale creep, he’s a hulking, intimidating slab of muscle and probably represents Orks at their most scary. That he’s just a solid slab of muscle and iron, helps that.

LM: He is a brute to be feared. His model is good, just smaller because of scale creep.



BM: He makes a nice Big Mek in Mega armor though. I have a fine-scale one I’m converting. The Tellyporta Blasta fits almost perfectly on top.

LM: Big Mek Ghazzy conversion sounds awesome! My number 4.


Stormboyz. This is the set that got me into the hobby. I loved the idea of Orks strapping warheads to their backs as a means of transportation. Also occasionally in 5th one would blow himself up using his rokket pack.

BM: And that price is fantastic especially by today’s standard. I bet those would make some great #kommando legs too. Maybe that will solve my hobby progress problem.

Reece: I love the Stormboyz models. They are my number 2!

BM: Lol thanks for the spoiler Reese. I’m sure it wont be the last one though.Back to my #4…











BM: Wait that’s not right…

BM: There we go. With a little bit of work, is there a better Weirdboy than ol’ Wurzzag? Simple headswap, simple weapon swap. He’s a Weirdboy for every army, because even if he’s a Goff… he’s supposed to be a nutter.

LM: I like him. Solid choice. I am not a fan of the weirdboy sculpt, this is a great choice for an alternative model.(Savage orc warboss is another option)

Reece: Indeed. Have a copy of the newest Shaman model and something feels off about it. Doesn’t feel Orky enough. This witch doctor style theme is more in keeping with how I see Ork psykers in the 40k universe. Except my number 5 pick of course.



Ork Mek

Ork Mek

LM: My number 3 is my namesake. The lil Mek. The would-be Ork Lieutenant of a Big Mek. Need more harder hitting weapons with a squad on the cheap? Need vehicle repairs on the go? The lil Mek has you covered, killsaw or wrench in hand.

BM: This one bugs me. For the price, there isn’t much to it as far as the model goes. To me it’s like all the new Ork buggies. Very nice looking, but no room for variety. Totally un-Orky. If you want to field 5 Meks, they’re probably all going to look pretty similar. In game, I dont think he has enough utility, he’s way overpriced with the saw… the only plus is that he doesn’t take any slots, which doesn’t really play into my CP heavy lists.

LM: He is an elite slot.

BM: Oops

LM: Loota Meks, and lil Meks offer a little variety in bitz for options. I can see the price on the saw being too high. In a PL game, I think he is worth it. Runtherd is the free slot guy

BM: Oh. I Thought he was a freebie. In a PL game is he worth a unit of Kommandos? Not sure. But modelwise, hes nice I just wish there was more for the money.

LM: Wow, both are 2 PL.. ouch

BM: The new buggies didnt make my list either. Just wish they had more options in the kits and in game.

LM: Same. Love them, but I only want one of each, no real Orky options

BM: Especially if you can still use index Kommandos with the two free Burnas. Total no brainer there.

LM: Maybe I need a new number 3… lol


Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

Reece: Well you can like the model, without having to worry about the rules. It’s what I’ve been doing. Ok, my number 3 is the Gretchin on this model.

BM: Grot butt lol…

Reece: It’s just a really great, characterful model. I think the decorative Grots are a bit like the decorative Nurglings for the Death Guard; a model that is allowed to show some character and humor in amongst some models that have to stick to pretty stock archetypes. You can almost feel how the designers had some fun creating something very different from the rest of the line. You know my number 2

Ork Killa Kans

Ork Killa Kans

BM: My #3 are the Killa Kans. So versatile, so fun, so many bitz…You can almost make 3 big Meks in mega armor with that kit. I don’t know what I don’t like about this kit. Except that there isn’t a pooping grot in there.

Reece: Darn scale creep. Do love the model.

BM: Anything you want to make in the army list short of Gretchin are made better by this kit. And with AoBR there are tons on the aftermarket. Wait they aren’t in AoBR. Why are there so many out there?

LM: They were in Stormclaw. Orks vs Wolves. Grukk’s first box

BM: Ah ok. They’re everywhere and cheap. I think I have 15.

LM: That is a good choice, easy to pose and enough bitz so if you have 15 they all look different. On the SAG Big Mek, he almost made my list, love the updated model. The added character in grots and squigs for Orks is awesome.

Reece: Well my number 2 is very specific. Probably won’t match any else’s. It’s this chap…

Ork With Cigar

Ork With Cigar

BM: Oh. Ok. Wait, you mean #1. Your #2 is Stormboyz.

Reece: Right. Because he’s a sneaky Ork with a cigar. There’s no other reason. I just think he’s one of the most characterful Ork models.


Battlewagon – Dey See Us Rollin…

BM: That’s fair enough. My #2 is the Battlewagon. Big. Bad. No two should ever be alike. This may be the true flagship Ork model. If only the Stompa and Gork/Morknauts could live up to its example.

Reece: I prefer the older model myself.







LM: I love the Battlewagon. Its a beast, looks like a cobbled together tank. The Deffrolla is awesome. I love the Kill Kannon option too. My number 2 is this Warboss. Brutal, fearsome, and commanding. A model to lead a WAAAGH.

Angry Ork Warboss

Angry Ork Warboss

Reece: Oldie but a goodie

BM: Hes a nice proper boss. He may be more boss Nob sized these days. But a good model for sure.

LM: So that warboss is more Nob sized…

BM: Still a great model Lil’ Mek. Reece did you have anything to add to the Stormboys, your #2 choice?

Reece: I think they’re one of the most characterful units in the modern range.

BM: And they aren’t even really modern

Reece: The Dark Eldar range still feels new to me *shakes fist at the passage of time*

LM: They are awesome, but needed 32mm bases, they are pretty top-heavy. I weighted my bases with nickels, and they still tip over more than I’d like.

BM: So are we ready to drop our number 1s? I think you all may know mine already.

Reece: Already done But can’t wait to see your guys

Pirate Grot

Pirate Grot

LM: My favorite model in the Ork range is this guy. The freebooting grot himself. Hard to find for sure.

Reece: I haven’t seen that model. I like it a lot! Talking of novelty models, what do people think of the Christmas Red Gobbo?

BM: Haven’t seen it

Christmas Red Gobbo

Christmas Red Gobbo


BM: Meh. I bet its 30 bucks too.

LM: Not picking up the Red Gobo. He is fun, but doesn’t fit my Freebooterz theme. He is 30 points and gives grots stikkbombs. Probably $30 too. 

BM: Why do they even bother? What is he going to be, really expensive mek gun crew?

LM:  He is “not meant for tournament play” though… whatever that means. You can do worse things.

BM: Like field a lil Mek 🙂

LM: Lil Mek for the win!

BM: I’m not festive enough to pay 30 bucks for a grot

LM: For the deff dread (honorable mention), its orky, it looks brutal, and it can take 4 arms of close combat death. Also a good kit for conversions fodder.

Ork Deff Dred AKA Mr. Hugs

Ork Deff Dred AKA Mr. Hugs


BM: Because even bossmeks cant take a gorkanaut claw. Awesome conversion idea though… hellbOrk

Reece: Seems good to be. I think the older models feel more Orky to me because the sculpts weren’t as fluid and a bit more chunky.

BM: So my number 1. Some may cringe. But I think the best Ork model ever is…. the Ork Trukk.

Ork Trukk

Ork Trukk

Reece: Ah ok. No, I like that model a lot.

BM: So versatile. Take a Mek gun kit. Add a trukk kit, you’ve got 4 mek guns. Use it to convert anyone’s vehicle to a looted wagon. Cool head options to add to your regular boys. It’s just an incredible kit and I wish every kit was this good.  I’m going to scratch my statement and say that this is Games Workshop’s best kit period. Not Ork kit. Kit.

LM: The trukk was almost on my list too. Great choice, its ramshackle appearance really leans into the Orky theme.
What do you think? Is our list spot on? Is the fact that we are missing the Dakkajet bug you? Sound off in the comment section!
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