When I sat down to write something for Da Boss (Ed – Dat’s Me!), I realised that if I wrote only about my primary Kill Teams, it would be a 3 for 3 on Chaos forces featured on the site so far. So I was ready to frantically paint up a group of hardened Xenos veterans when I realised something. Why should I? Chaos has so much to offer – and what better way to lure in unsuspecting victims new devotees of the Gods, than explaining just why Chaos is the best faction to choose when considering a new Kill Team:


Of all the factions available to play right now, Chaos has the second largest selection. The Imperium has Space Marines, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Ad Mech and Astra Militarum, with Chaos coming in a close second at 3-5 factions depending on if you run Heretic Ad Mech/ Astra Militarum Kill Teams or not.

If we just count the core forces of Heretic Astartes, Death Guard and Thousand Sons, you have three completely different factions already. Look at just three of my teams. Each is radically different but uses just the Heritic Astartes list.


Everyone knows that being good all the time can be boring – it’s why the Traitor Legions rebelled in the first place. Being a Chaos player lets you laugh manically whilst you engineer schemes that will result in the destruction of those around you in fantastically elaborate ways.

If you want a reason, (although who needs one?) plenty abound – in the 40k universe, those who embrace Chaos have seen reality for what it is and want out of a truly nightmarish existence- along with the chance to chart their own paths for once*. Want a band of killers with no mercy? Khorne is there for you. Want to indulge in your Bond Villain fetish?  Have a lone Aspiring Champion surrounded by disposable cultists. Or even want a tragic backstory to justify your actions? The Traitor Legions are the fallen angels in the 40k universe’s version of Paradise Lost – which gives you plenty of raw material to work with.

Heretic Guard face-off against The Deathwatch on Planet TA-BL3.

It’s a hobbyists’ dream.

My painting skills veer between tabletop standard and results that five year olds look at with pity. But modelling – now that’s my jam! Chaos sprues come with lots of extra bits that add character to models. The age of them means they are compatible with a lot of GW kits and offer a low barrier of entry for kit bashers. I have plogs where I’ve made entire armies from shit I’ve found in my bitz box – so a Kill Team is easy as all get out to assemble (see a post on this very blog showing you how).

Plus, as you can see from a shot of my Daemon Kill Team above, with a little bit of creativity you can truly do anything with only the base template of the rules.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my Nurgle Daemon squad to help inspire people to create their own versions:

  • 5 Chaos Space Marines with Chainswords and Bolt Pistols (think extreme halitosis!)
  • 1 Chaos Space Marine – Icon of Despair, Chainsword and Bolt Pistol
  • Aspiring Champion – Power Sword and Bolt Pistol

So enjoy revelling in Chaos – and Death to the False Emperor! After all, who wants to be good when being bad is just so much more fun?


*manipulation by the Gods/any nearby Eldar aside.

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