Each week or so we choose a tiny bit to shed some light on. Some are just awesome, some are useful tips on how to use them.

This time we focus on “Rokkit Protection” from the Ork Boyz box.

This is one where a lot of Ork WAAAGH leaders were left scratching their heads. Where does this go? What is it for? Just a random ork glyph?

We are here to tell you its to save your Ork Rokkiteer from burning himself each time he fires!

Photo Source: https://cdnazure-socialannexinc.netdna-ssl.com/8485861/848586159876910_134356101074397_8255163732603485300_n.jpg

You see here on this rokkit boy how the protection slides in behind the rokkit. It shields him from the flames as it fires.

Now your tankbustas and rokkit boyz can shoot off their explosives without fear of being burned, making the world a safer place!*

*At least for the ones firing these explosives.

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