lil mek here. We are relaunching in a big way. To start things off we hosted a Twitter competition for a creating a new relic objective from your bitz box, and we got some crazy good entries. More on the entries in a moment. For a prize, the winner of the competition gets 1 set of numbered custom made objectives, and a few themed vinyl decals for their army case, car, or gaming area.  Here are examples of what we’ve done before. (Army storage boxes not included)



The Big Mek’s entry

On to the entries. The Big Mek threw down and created a shock attack powered rock it launcha.


lil mek’s entry

And I personally went more simple with a Salamanders master crafted thunder hammer and storm shield.

Since it would be silly to give ourselves our own prize we’ve had a proppa discussion, and selected a winer. And the winner of the #BitzBoxRelic is…!


(Drumroll here)


The winner is @BOLTERCLUB!!! For his amazing take on a very deadly relic known as “The Ark”

There were so many great entries it was really hard for us to choose. Honorable mentions go to @NGC40k and @loopy3025  Both had exceptional entries as well!

Thanks to all those who participated as well as those who just watched in awe. Expect more content coming out of because this is only the beginning!



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