In January I set a goal, for the first time ever I would participate in Armies on Parade this year. I know my hobby progress is usually slow and steady, so unless I started early I would not make it.

So I started planning layouts and options, and landed on using the Mek Workshop (excuse to get it painted), and some of the new Ork vehicles, but on a snow board. With that in mind the board would be Speed WAAAGH themed, with bunch of infantry watching the race.

This was an early layout, where I was trying to identify how much terrain i’d need to work on.

Slowly I started to get everything painted, and started rebasing from 25mm bases to 32mm bases that would match the board.

Progress was creeping along, and I was finally able to start adding snow to the terrain.

I also started to prep the board and mark out muddy tire tracks.

Around July I finished basing the army and had gotten all the terrain painted.

Now I just have to finish getting snow on the terrain and the board. (Not everything in the army will make the final parade cut.)

Now with just a little over 1 week left, its crunch time. Time to dig my heels in and cross the finish line on #JunkRaces

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