Or; “What bitz are best for lootin’?”

++ This transcript is taken from an Ork transmission by The Big Mek in the Teckzus System++

“Yeah, yeah yeah quieten down you lot. I know all da’ Boyz and Grotz are talking about  all da’ new stuff that got shouted out by the Nobz at GW. Yeah, even if all da Grotz probably did the work, it was still a good bellow, wiv’ lotza’ noise an everyfin’. Brought a tear to my eye.

++The sound of The Big Mek beating a number of laughing Orks nearby in order to restore order can be heard++

Now I know all you boyz are probably thinkin’ – why should we care about what some humeez are saying? Simple lads – coz there’s some good stuff we can nick! So ere’s Da Big Meks’ top stuff for lootin’:

ONE! Dem’ Holy Humies have a ded good Deff Dredd now. They just don’t know it yet heh heh!

TWO: Even if the new Skull Boyz look like they would be better hanging out with da Nekronz, I figure we can make em way more fun if we stick a grot inside and let em have some fun!

TH-REEE: Summit about a “Pyskik Awakenin’“. Eh, it will give the Weirdboyz somefin’ to do.

FOUR: Warhammer Legendz – sounds like more stuff not being guarded by da Imperium. Ripe for nikkin if you ask me! Lets go ladz!

++ Transmission ends as any more words are drowned out by the sound of 5 million Orks Waaaing at once ++

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