Looking for a few good Grots

No, I’m not looking for models. Like any good Mek, I need a little assistance in the Garage from time to time. Maybe you’re a ded-smart Grot who would like a bigger platform for his voice to be heard on? Or maybe you just want to work with The Big Mek for a while, to see if Gork and Mork will bless you for hanging out with their chosen one. 🙂

Either way, if you have something to say about Warhammer 40k or any other tabletop wargame, and you can write as well as your average American Third Grader, The Big Mek is looking for you! 🙂

Email me at my super-duper-secret-squirrel email address which is the CHUCK williams AT G M A I L DOT MUTHAFUCKIN COM and let me know you’re interested. This isn’t a paid position per se, but there are definitely perks to rollin’ with The Big Mek. His Trukk gets all tha bitches… umm… if Orks weren’t now fluffed into being pesky plant life. Stupid GW Gitz…

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