Yup, you read that right. I was informed yesterday that I am putting on a speed painting contest by the Mad Serb himself, Predrag Vasiljevic.

So, let’s check out the details, shall we?



– This is a speed painting contest so both time and quality will be a factor.

– You can paint any miniature of any range, as long as it fits on a 25mm (or equiv) base.

– Airbrushes are prohibited. Just plain old brushes.


How it Works:

– You pick a mini which is pre-assembled and pre undercoated into black or white. You post a proof photo of your mini on twitter so we have a time index when you started painting. If possible, have something showing the time in the photo itself (a clock, your cell phone, desktop, whatever)

– You have TWO HOURS to paint your mini from undercoated to completely done. This includes basing. TWO HOURS, no more, no less.

– When you’re done painting, you post a finished photo on twitter, again with a time index. This photo doesn’t have to be the best possible but it should show the finished mini as best as it can.

– From that time on you have until Monday August 12th noon CDT (GMT -6) time to make and post a proper, representative photo of that mini, which would be used for deciding painting quality. Use the hashtag #SPEEDPAINT to mark your entry.

– Voting will be handled online, and open to all contest participants.



– You know the Big Mek doesn’t put on a contest without prizes. It hasnt been narrowed down yet, but the main prizes will be Brushes. Not sure yet if we’re talking Raphael or Kolinsky, but we’ll figure it out quickly. There will also be a few Battlescribe Pro Desktop (courtesy of Battlescribe) keys given away. As the contest grows, so will the prize support. So sign up ASAP by commenting below.


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