Here’s a little story all about how, I made a snow covered flying base for the Lil’ Mek, but alas did not become the prince of a town called Bel Aire. Good lord, that was silly. This was a really fun base to make, and I got to try out a couple different techniques I was itching to try. You might notice as the photos progress that I covered a lot of detail with snow. I forgot that Curtis’ army is all based in a winter wonderland, mainly because his wife lets him use the dining table as long as his terrain can double as Santa’s Village.

IMG_3426 IMG_3427

So you can see here, first I chose the basic layout, and then put down some “concrete sidewalk” in the form of thin sheet cork.

IMG_3435 IMG_3436

Then I used a few different greys and a light blue-grey and did some drybrushing.


Next I added some nice wet mud, and started the patina on the brass light pole. I really didn’t like the patina at this point, and took to Twitter and someone gave me the idea to add a green wash…

…and then it started to look a little bit better to me.

So then I added the snow, at first it was just a lot of wet, dirty snow, and then I remembered I needed more, to create a winter wonderland. Using Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Realistic Water and Crushed Glass, I really made some great looking, realistic snow. So now Curtis has a great looking base, perhaps even too good looking for an Ork flyer to use! 🙂

The finished product.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Until next time, I remain The Big Mek.

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