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We’re fans of a lot of different things in the Tabletop Gaming world on Big Mek’s Garage. The Big Mek can often be found hunched over a table running a D and D campaign as much wielding a paintbrush, and I’m a dab hand at rolling dice for multiple systems. Shit is confusing these days is what I’m getting at. So every now and again we’ll cover something that we think is worth your time, to make it easier to cut out the clutter.

This week we’re highlighting Willy* Miniatures Kickstarter campaign for the Lords of Corruption.   

Founded a few years ago to create alternative Blood Bowl models when Games Workshop were letting the game die on the vine, they’ve slowly built a reputation as a quality supplier of sculpts for anyone who wants a different looking team to those put out by the game’s creators.

We’re big fans of Blood Bowl, so when it was announced they were making their own Nurgle’s Rotters Legally Distinct Non-Nurgle Affiliated Plague Team, we thought we would pimp it.

The kickstarter has so far nearly doubled what it needs to fund itself and there are lots of stretch goals goodies to take a look at, so if that sounds appealing, take a look. And why wouldn’t you with models like this?

There’s 50 hours left on the clock, so check it out now.

* A section of our British readership are sniggering right now.

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