Big strapping lads to take with you on a your next quest into a dungeon!

After our last post’s focus on Willy Miniature’s* “BloodBowl Inspired” miniatures, we’re getting out of fighting on the football pitch and into models where they have REAL weapons…well legally anyway!

Ye Alchemist Miniatures have been creating minis for a while now for use in fantasy and sci-fi settings and are based in North Wales, UK (Ed note-Wales represent!). Their latest kickstarter to fund the casting of fighters for use in medieval or fantasy settings is live – you can see some of the minis below, which are before for Age of Sigmar or a more stylised Imperial force.

Nice or what eh?

If you want to get hold of them for a discount before they are cast and go on general sale, then the worst you can do is back their kickstarter now.

*See above GIF if you are British.



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