Recently, Chaos Space Marines received their own bundle of joy in the form of Traitor’s Hate, a new codex supplement, and also in the form of the Cyclopean Cabal, a formation of multiple Chaos Space Marine Sorcerers with an extra special power to steal an enemy gun for a turn. Now that Chaos has four new psychic disciplines (basically copy and paste versions of the four new Space Marine psychic disciplines), we are beginning to see a huge increase in the amount of psykers on the board in both national tournaments and in smaller regional metas (if you’ll forgive the awful term). With this in mind, perhaps it is time we revisited the powerful anti-psyker elements of the game, both the recently forgotten due to the Warhammer 40k FAQ rough draft, and even older “unplayable” concepts.

The Culexus (Straight Up Wrecks Us)

The Culexus Assassin was the premiere anti-psyker unit, and still would be if GW didn’t decide that Battle Brothers were no longer allowed to start the game in each other’s transports. Sure buddy, you can borrow my tank, but let me park it somewhere first, gas it up, and then go ahead, have fun. This does make delivering the Culexus a bit of a pain in the tail now, as the wonderful drop pod method no longer works.  However with the proliferation of psykers in the modern game, isn’t it worth the extra effort to try to deliver him into the middle of your psychic enemies, or even deliver him with your psychic friends for a laugh? Riding in a Land Raider with five ML2 psykers, with his ability to add up to three dice to his Animus Speculum could potentially mean an 18″, S5, AP1 Assault 13 shooting out of the top. At what ballistic skill? Ouch. If you don’t want to use the Land Raider, why not have him catch a ride on a flyer starting the game on a skyshield, assuming you left an empty seat (and you did leave him an empty seat, right?). Don’t forget he has infiltrate (and then outflank by default as well), all of which can be used on a case by case basis as your needs change.

Bustin’ This Outta The Mothballs

People tend to hate on the Inquisition, perhaps deservedly so. As a primary force, they are very limited. But, for my money, they are a great set of spices to put on your bland (Space Marines) or straight up terrible (Astra Militarum) meat dishes. Adding “bubble wrap” to your tanks brings on an entirely new layer of fun when Inquisitor Coteaz is leading your platoon (and special and heavy weapon teams, because your mama didn’t raise a fool!). But as this article is focusing on the great proliferation of psychics in Warhammer 40k, let’s dust off the old Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and his shiny Psyocculum. For those of you not “in the know”, the Psyocculum gives the inquisitor’s unit BS10 (yeah, ten) against any unit it is shooting at with a psyker, or other similar rule (Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers, etc). The original play was using a few monkeys Jokaero, a few Plasma Cannon servitors, and then laugh mercilessly as you pounded enemy tossers of brain-darts without missing. This is still an OK play. But what if Inquisitor Ill-humored was leading the previously mentioned Astra Militarum platoon? Ouch. Better yet? How about Skitarii (Rangers or Vanguard)? Secutarii Peltasts? How about the Centurion Devastator Squad? Because BS10 Relentless Grav Cannons totally need to be a thing, right?

In Closing

The bad guys are out there, and they are bringing their Conclaves and their Cabals. So be the spoiler, and ruin some power-gamer’s day by loading your army specifically for psychic bear. And have fun doing it!

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