Big Mek’s Garage Episode “6.5”

Good morning boys and girls! Since your helpful host The Big Mek has received the gift of Nurgle yet again this year, the time between episodes of the podcast has grown yet again. I was hoping to talk to you the weekend before last about the new Warriors of Chaos models, and how they will make some incredible conversions for your Chaos Space Marine army (since The Big Mek does not play Warhammer Fantasy). Since I, 8 days later, still sound like Darth Vader belching from the bottom of a well, Big Mek’s Garage will instead have an “Episode 6.5” blog post. I hope you enjoy it.

Cue awesome music… 🙂

OK guys, these models are awesome, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them to do some serious conversions. I’ve seen a lot of hate online for the “duckface” Chaos Lord… (by the way, click any of the pictures to make them bigger!)


…but seriously, this is an awesome model. He isn’t duckfacing, he’s just channeling Grumpy Cat. Or maybe he just isn’t too impressed with the performance of his army right now. Either way, this is one badass ready to lead your army. Look at the armor! The horns! The skulls! It’s multipart plastic, so I bet you can just ditch the head if you don’t like it. The horns are definitely screaming to be the leader of your Khorne army… but if we’re ditching the head, this bad boy will lead any Chaos themed army. Maybe this guy’s head is all it needs to lead your Tzeentch Army…

Tzeentch Sorceror

…and if that doesn’t inspire you into conversion-borne seizures of Chaos-y delight… well maybe we can inspire you another way.


Mmm… Dragon Ogres…

I’m not sure of the scale exactly, but I bet there are some great bits in here for your Daemon Prince conversions. They could also be some interesting conversions for Rough Riders in a Traitor Imperial Guard legion. Come to think of it, if money were no object (yeah, keep dreaming), our new pal Throgg would make for an interesting Daemon Prince conversion too…


…and a Tzeentch player who can’t figure out what to do with this is sorely lacking in imagination…

After that we have new Foresaken models (meh!), and a new chariot model that is just begging to be pulled by Khorne Juggernauts.

So what do you guys think? Did GW bring the taint of Chaos home for you, or do you think these models are just a little bit weak? Let me know! Comment here, or drop me a line on Twitter, or email at questions AT

Peace out, bitches! 🙂

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