August Progress: Looting Wagons!

lil mek here, August has come and gone. My August goal was to paint 3 looted wagons. A looted Tau Devilfish, a looted Dark Eldar Raider, and a looted Eldar Falcon. They are named respectively “Da Landshark”, “Da Freebooter”, and “Da Falkon”

Start of the month:
August Goal
August Goal

Mid month, I added the last two boyz for my greentide list. Since i was painting the looted wagon crew, why not 2 more boyz?:
Mid Month
Mid Month

I ended up a few days in to September, but they are done!
August Goal
August Goal

I few people asked me how I did the wooden decking for the 2 looted wagons. I got some craft sheet foam at my local hobby store (Hobby Lobby), and then took a (new/clean) BBQ grill scraper and scratched one side a bunch, then scratched some more (the foam tries to take its previous shape, so round 2 was needed). after that I cut it into plank sized pieces and super glued them on. The nail holes were created using a toothpick after the planks were glued down. It really adds that needed detail.
Wooden Decking

Its now been a year and 2 months since I started my monthly hobby goals. It is crazy to see the progress I’ve made in that time. I really have to give credit to the goals I make. It gives me a reason each month to get cracking on hobby stuff.

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One thought on “August Progress: Looting Wagons!

  • October 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Dese ‘ere look true orky like. The wooden planks look so real and how you made them is damn good idea. I need to try this!


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