The contest is over.

The winner, with a modified 5 flier Cron Air list, with Wraiths and 3 Annihilation Barges is Jay Gardner.

Jay will receive his HQ choice, a Destroyer Lord, as envisioned by the Big Mek and his trusty Bitz Box. The model will then be painted to a jawdroppingly fantastic standard by Smells Like Wargaming.

A runner up prize of a converted HQ model goes to Predrag Vasiljevic. His army list featuring 5 FREAKING LAND RAIDERS at 1850 POINTS is definitely cheesy!


Sailing the Seas of Cheese!

Forgive me using the title of an old Primus album… but it’s the perfect name for this contest. In an effort to find the new meta, and in an effort to completely “break the game with allies” as some prominent Tournament Directors have suggested, the Big Mek is having a contest.

Make me your nastiest, cheesiest tournament army.

Is it fluffy? Then I don’t wanna hear it, ya git!

Is it cheesy? Mac-and-Cheesy? So cheesy that Chester Cheetah would take one bite and say “that’s too damn cheesy!”?? Then that’s the list we wanna see!

The Rules

Oi! I make da rules. I’m da one wit da boss pole, roit?

  1. Da army needs to be 1850 points. Dat’s a big army, but not so big we gotz ta deal wit two force org charts.
  2. Da army list needs to be emailed to
  3. If da army gotz more than 1850 points, I’ll gut ya wit my big choppa and feed ya to da squigs (or just disqualify your entry).
  4. I pick da winnah. Even if ya tink it’s a stupid pick, it’s my pick. I’m da Big Mek. I use scie.. uh… teknolo… er… I figger da stuff out. Can you make a kustom force field work? Can you make shootas more dakka? Can you paint bikes red? I dinna think so, ya git. So shut yer traps.


The Booty

Did ya really think that the Big Mek would have a contest and not have prizes? Of course ya didn’t. You’re smarter than the average Snotling. Da Big Mek is going to take the best list, and make a custom model from dat list. It will probably be an HQ choice, but it might be something else, like a Nob, Veteran Sergeant, Commissar, or whatever dem Panzee Eldar is using. (In all seriousness, it’ll be an awesome custom model, and though not official yet, but I’m working on a deal to get it painted to a very high standard).


The Dates

At this point, there is no official end date for this contest. As soon as more entries start to trickle in, we’ll announce a firm end date. If you don’t get it in by the official end date… well yer shoulda painted it red, ya stunty git. 🙂

UPDATE – Contest Will End 12/1/12!!!


@PVasiljevic – what material can we use? just basic codexes or FW material is in? Allies allowed? Terrain?

Big Mek – Basic Codexes, and Chapter Approved, no FW. Yes, you can have allies, and yes, you can use Fortifications. Even the Fortress of Redemption, since we don’t have to worry about table space in a theoretical contest.

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