Yeah buddy! I got a chance to sit down with (figuratively) Bell of Lost Souls’ master converter Isotope99. I asked some of your questions, and some of my own. I hope you guys enjoy this! Feel free to comment/ask more questions!


Yup. That’s Skarbrand!

The Big Mek: OK, lets start with an easy one. What’s your name?

Isotope99: Phil, but you’ll mostly find my stuff under isotope99 (don’t ask me why I’ve just been using it for ages).

TBM: Do you have a Facebook Page and Twitter for your art?

I99: I don’t, I mostly upload to Bell of Lost Souls as it’s easier to manage. One day I may set up a blog of my very own, but I haven’t gotten round to it yet.

TBM: Do you use third party parts, or just GW?

I99: Pretty much just GW. I like to play at the official events at their UK HQ so I tend to stick with standard parts. Plus I’ve gotten used to working with their plastic.

TBM: If you use third party parts, which companies do you recommend?

I99: Machinator, from Blood and Skulls Industry does some impressively crisp tank parts but I mostly stick to GW.

TBM: It looks like you have a huge collection of Rogue Trader era art. Where else do you get your inspiration for your work?

I99: Sometimes the novels, probably indirectly from some video games and films, mostly out of my imagination (at least I like to think so). I do a lot of rough sketches before starting that sometimes suggest poses and parts that I might use. Sometimes it’s just rummaging through my various bitz boxes and putting aside useful potential parts.


TBM: Do you like converting or painting better, as you seem to excel at both equally? Which do you think you do better?

I99: Converting is my favourite part of the hobby, I like to make every model unique wherever possible and enjoy building the crazy monsters. My painting has improved quite a bit over the last few years (this Khorne army is the best painting I’ve done by some margin) but it’s usually the conversions that people remember.

TBM: Do you play, or just model and paint?

I99: I play (probably around average skill) but not extensively, mostly at the official events as I don’t have a convenient local club. My armies are often influenced more by what looks good to convert than pure effectiveness but I like to be at least competitive.

TBM: Do you have any armies other than the incredible Khorne army?

I99: A few, Thousand sons (using grey knights list), Exodites (Eldar), Mechanicus (Necrons), Dark Eldar, some more daemons from the other gods and some Orks. I have trouble sticking to one army and tend to swap between them pretty fast. Search in the BoLS threads and you’ll find most of them.

TBM: Do you play games other than Warhammer 40k?

I99: Not yet, there are far fewer independent stores here in the UK so it’s mostly GW. I have pitched in for a couple of kickstarters like Kingdom Death but likely will end up just converting/painting the models (if they ever ship grumble, grumble) .

TBM: What’s next on your workshop desk?

I99: After my various whacky armies, I feel the need for something more regular and Imperium-y so I am going to do an embarkation deck Ultramarines force (gearing up for war, putting on their armour, checking weapons and so on) with some mini scenic bases like armoury chambers, teleport pads etc. May also include a Roboute Guilliman conversion using the new Ferrus Manus.

TBM: What is your dream conversion?

I99: Not sure, I already did an Imperator Titan, but with forge world releasing more primarch scale stuff and a successful Sanguinius conversion under my belt, I may well skip ahead and do a diorama of the final battle Horus versus the Emperor. FW probably won’t get there for another 10 years at this rate after all  🙂

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