A Little Taste of Episode 7 – Wash your models!

Wash your models. Is it always necessary? No. Do you want to be the lucky guy who has a great paint job you spent hours on literally fall off because of leftover release agent from the molding process? Hell no. So you might as well wash EVERY model you build as the first step in your assembly process. Whether it is resin, plastic or metal, just a little soap and lukewarm water will do the trick. I like to put them in rubbermaid containers and give them a nice shake. And if you feel like letting them soak overnight, go right ahead. When you take them out, give them a good once over with an old brush or toothbrush. I like to use the old $5 electric toothbrushes. They spend about 90 days brushing my teeth, and then I buy a new one, and they spend a lifetime serving the model gods. Now that’s green! 🙂

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