Lil Mek here. We have been lazy lately and not gotten a lot of hobbying done. So to fix that, I have thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Big Mek and our local gaming group to a hobby race.

The Race: Who ever completes their painting commitment first wins. Losers owe the winner a beer.

Definition of Done: Phase 1 Complete. I will write up more on my idea of ‘hobbying in phases later’, but what it means for now is; All models are fully assembled, based and have been painted to a “color block and wash” standard.

Lil Mek:
-Kaptin Zagskar Uzgir Zikhnosh (counts as Kaptin Badrukk) and all his options (hook, sword, parrot Grot, and Freebooter flag)
-Mekelangelo, a Big Mek on a bike, with all his options (kustom force field, shokk attack gun, power Klaw, hook, and Freebooter flag)
-Grukk da Face Rippa
-1st mate Slagg and his pet squig Sharptoof
Lil Mek's Race entry

Big Mek:
-Paint up a unit of 6 Tankbustas, including 2 Bomb Squigs.

-Painting up 4 reaper Minis
Bruce Race

Let the Race Begin! May the fastest of da Boyz win!!!

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