Convert It To Win It!

Our next contest will be a conversion contest. Think you’ve got the skills to pay the bills? Let’s see what ya got!

Da Rulez:

  1. Entries need to be done by 9/29/13 and your best image posted on Twitter with the tag #CONVERTED by Monday 9/30/13 at 12:00 CDT (thats GMT-6!)
  2. Entries must be a standard infantry sized model. Model should be on a standard 25mm round base. Larger bases are acceptable, but extravagant bases are not part of the judging criteria.

    Creeping Infection bases by Secret Weapon Miniatures

  3. Your entries should NOT BE PAINTED. We want to see your awesome converting skills. Not your awesome paint skills (that’s another contest, ya git!).
  4. You must, at some point before the end of the contest, provide a bitz list and pre-assembly picture. No fair submitting something you converted 6 years ago with your Uncle Amos.
  5. CONVERTING, NOT SCULPTING! The model should clearly use prefabricated parts. Some green/brown/black-stuff sculpting for details, unique weapons or hairstyles is fine. A model that is almost all greenstuff will not be acceptable. If in doubt, just ask!
  6. Though we are primarily concerned with Warhammer 40k as a blog and podcast, please feel free to convert any infantry model from any game. Feel free to use bitz from any company, and any line. It doesnt need to be sci-fi/grimdark. I don’t care if it is Modern, Fantasy, Ninjas, Pirates, Clowns, or Gorillas armed with cream pies and seltzer bottles. Just make an awesome model, at or close to the 28mm “heroic” scale we all know and love. Oh, and it should fit in with the THEME of this contest.

The theme?!

Yup. This contest will have a theme. It might make some ideas a little difficult to do. Then again, it could make your Ninja Pirate Clown even cooler than you had initially planned when you heard the buzz about a conversion contest.

OK, Mek, STFU and tell us what the theme is already.

Whoa. Sorry. OK, don’t hurt me! The theme for this conversion contest is….


OK, OK… tough crowd. The them for the contest is…


“We can rebuild him…we have the technology”


So, what does that mean to you? Cybernetic implants? Critical Injuries? Maybe you mix it up a little bit… What would the 6 Million Dollar Man be like…. if it was set in 1917… during the Bolshevik Revolution? What do the Eldar do when someone loses an arm? How about the Tau? Imagine a Jokaero Paraplegic?! Inspector Gadget, living in Necromunda! Let your imaginations go wild! I know I will!

Good luck everybody, and more importantly, HAVE FUN!

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