I have been approached by a local Warhammer 40k GT to produce terrain for 6 tables. My theme for this epic production? The moon! Of course, I instantly wanted to figure out a way to infuse our friends the Mooninites.

Moon2But alas, with Ignignokt and Err merely being two dimensional beings, there was no way to put them into some wargaming terrain. (Unless maybe Err left a little graffiti around, the little miscreant!)

So, what am I going to do for the 6 tables worth of moon terrain? Well first off, I started with a storyboard. I then presented that to the event organizers, and they were happy with it. I was expecting a little push back, since I did throw one silly idea in there (A crashed Viking ship, idea courtesy of Predrag Vasiljevic). But they enjoyed it all, so now I have to find a damn bargain bin viking ship somewhere, and in the appropriate scale no less… that will be fun.

The Storyboard

To start with, I wrote down that I needed 6 moon tables. Sounds simple enough, and it is. It keeps a number in my head, so I can do the math when it comes time to get supplies. Each moon board would contain…

  • 1-2 pieces of Line of Sight Blocking Terrain (depending on size)
  • 6 “Walls”
  • 2 “Personality Pieces”

Simple, right? So that means I need to make 12 personality pieces, 36 walls, and around 6-8 big pieces of LOS blocking terrain. The size on these pieces will be pretty large. The personality pieces will be small. The whole point is to add some flair to each table. Whether these are funny, or just cool little things that dont really affect the game play much, but add flavor to the board. I also decided that the walls would all be approximately 6″x1″x1″, with some wiggle room of course. What would the wall pieces be?


  • Vehicle Wreckage (my favorite!)
  • Cliff Walls (ridges, outcroppings, whatever… easy to make, look great on the board)
  • Makeshift trenches/defensive positions (whether they look like they were made quickly, or are thousands of years old… we will see)

OK, with that out of the way, what is next?

Line of Sight Blocking Terrain

These terrain pieces are the focal point of the tables, so they need to be cool. My ideas, in no particular order.

  • Big Cliffs
  • Abandoned Facility
  • Ancient Temple
  • Plateau
  • Sulphuric Volcano
  • Big Crash

Making big cliffs or ravines would be easy, add a strategy element to the game, and look good on the table. The plateau will be similar in scope, and offer similar benefits. The other pieces will offer similar benefits, with the added benefit of adding visual interest to the tables, either with color or chaos. I think I will have a lot of fun with the “Big Crash” piece. I can’t wait to draw that up.

Personality Pieces

I came up with a few more ideas (ok, I trolled the Mekheads on Twitter, and stole the good ideas) to finish the project. These are flavor pieces for the most part, although some may end up adding more to the game than that, especially the pieces that should be unpassable.

  • Sulfuric Vents
  • Larger Craters
  • Viking Ship Crash (yup.)
  • Communications Array
  • Lunar Lander
  • Big Freaking Hole

There you have it. My storyboard for this ambitious two month project. What do you think?



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