Some people hate Warmahordes. Some people, like myself, appreciate that it is something different from Warhammer 40k. It is fun to play. I don’t think the models are anywhere near as good as Games Workshop’s models, but they are decent, and getting better. But today I’m not here to talk about one system vs. the other. Today I am here to talk about two things I feel are huge wins for Privateer Press, where Games Workshop is clearly lacking.

It’s All In The Cards

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the faction decks in Warmahordes. This is a product that GW could make easily, would be very profitable, and would be an excellent game aid. Imagine my joy as a Chaos Daemons player if I could very easily mark on a card for all of my Heralds which gifts each one had. Sure, I’m the type of guy who would have multiple versions of each Herald so I could be a pure WYSIWYG player, but who really wants to have ten different models for each Herald? Please, don’t say magnets, because how do you magnetize an Unbreakable Hide? Or Corpulescence? Need a great way to keep track of damage to your Heldrakes? There’s a card for that. Keeping track of Epidemius’ tally? Here’s that card! How many wounds does my Bloodthirster have left? Just look at the boxes on his card, that you keep in a sleeve and check off with a dry erase marker. How cool is that?!

Just make sure to put them in card sleeves…

Another Token Paragraph

To complement the cards, I also absolutely love the Faction Token sets.

I’d love to have Warp Charge tokens for my Psykers (if I used them, psychic powers are a blasphemy to my Lord Khorne). I could put down a Charge token for my declared charges. I could have an Interceptor token to remind me that my Quad Gun fired on my opponent’s turn when his Vendetta came on the board. You could even have tokens for the different Mystery Terrain and Mysterious Objectives results (which jungle had those razorwings again?!). Wound tokens would be a great thing to have as well, especially if Games Workshop doesn’t make me an awesome Faction Deck like I requested in the first section! 🙂

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or as a rule, does Games Workshop not normally need to be pushed so hard to make more money. I see both of these ideas as simple money making ideas. The cards could be designed using already created artwork and fluff text. It’s just a simple matter of coming up with a workable card design, box design, and a price point. Privateer Press sells the decks for $16.99, so there’s definitely a profit in it. If you guys do it, someone tell the fat bald guy I want my cut! 🙂



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