Are you also a Warhammer 40k/Wargaming podcaster?

How would you like to work together to increase your reader base? The Big Mek has multiple ways to increase your exposure!



At the time I am writing this, we have over 3600 followers on Twitter. These are all organic followers, wargamers and warmongers all, who read my content and interact with me on a personal basis. Would you like for us to Tweet about something cool you’ve done? An awesome paint job? A cool article? Just let us know, via email or Twitter. If it’s cool, we’ll be sure to Tweet you up to our readers.


You can increase your readership by guest posting on the Big Mek’s Garage website. Have something to talk about? Get it off your chest right here. Want me to do a guest post on your blog? Let me know!


I’ve been known to give a shout out on the podcast from time to time, especially if you do something awesome (great articles, great conversions, great businesses). I can even run your product spot if you like, as long as it is a product I would willingly endorse. I will even record a spot for you if you like. Want to advertise my podcast on yours? Let me know, and I’ll send you a liner to your specifications.

Be My Guest!

If you like, we can set up a “telephone” interview I can record via Skype, and make it a segment in the podcast. Segments like these are great, especially for time sensitive events like tournaments and conventions.

Or I Can Be Yours

Want the Big Mek to be rude and obnoxious on your podcast? It can be arranged! Whether recording in person or via Skype, The Big Mek is available to speak about hard hobby-related topics (modeling, scultping, conversions and kitbashes), and can occasionally be tempted to discuss other soft subjects as strategy, fluff, or book reviews.


If you would like to contact me regarding any of these subjects, or if you have an idea not listed, contact me via Twitter or Facebook any time. Links to both are available to your right in the sidebar!