I have always had a hard time saying something is “done” when it comes to my armies. One thing that has really helped me overcome that is working in phases. Working this way for a year has allowed me to have a fully painted Ork army, with a few painted options I can swap in. I’ve started calling this “Phases of done”. The idea is that you get a model or set of models up to a set level aka phase, then put them on a back burner to come back to them later.

The first time I was able to put a fully painted army on the table:

lil meks first painted army on the table

A lot of us have or can get ‘hobby ADD’, especially when a new codex or models are released for your army. Breaking it down into these phases has allowed me to be a lot more comfortable setting something down, knowing I will be returning to it to add finishing touches later.

I break mine phases down as follows:
-Phase 0 – Build the model
-Phase 1 – Color Block and wash to at least a 3 (or 5 for Orks, in my case) color minimum.
-Phase 2 – Basing
-Phase 3 – Details and Highlighting
-Phase 4 – Decals and matte or gloss

Most my army sits at the end of phase 2 right now, with maybe a ¼ being phase 3 complete. While I know I won’t win any painting awards right now, it feels amazing to finally have a painted army on the table.
After a few more things get done with phase 2, I plan to start getting more and more done with phase 3.

Onward lads, WAAAGH!!!
~lil mek

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