Lastly I pick out some of the highest areas and more so in the areas where the model is getting light with a mix of about 75-80% Yriel Yellow and Goblin Green. I am just making it so there’s a tint of green to the yellow. Use sparingly. Hit the edge highlights and use dots of it on areas like the tip of the ears, parts of the mouth, etc. Use the side of your brush to get to the raised edges. It helps you to paint cleaner than trying to use the tip of the brush.

I finished up the teeth and nails with some Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite and then on the teeth I stained the bottom parts of the teeth with Vallejo Sepia Ink. You can use any ink, but I choose ink instead of a wash because it stains the bottom color rather than pooling in recesses. It gives you more control when you don’t want something pooling.

That folks is my ork skin tone. Yes it is a bit of a longer process if you are wanting to paint like 150 boyz, but for like a Warboss or something where you want a little bit more definition, a great skin tone IMHO.


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And remember to HAVE FUN!


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