At this point in the video, I mention that you can use purple for the shadows. I did not do this in the video, but you can come back and line the darkest areas with purple (either at this point or in between the next two steps) if you want some of the areas to really be almost a black. Green and purple against each other provide a great contrast and work well as shadow colors for each other.

I start putting in the eyes now. The reason for doing so is that 1. I get creeped out by just dead spaces. 2. I can easily clean up the eye area with the darker color and not risk messing up the whole face if I mess up on the eyes. I go in with Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite, an offwhite, to go and put the sclera in. You want to go in with an offwhite due to not wanting to give a mini a “I have highbeams here” look. Clean up with the last skin tone color if needed. I then dot with red for the iris and leave it there. No extra pupil due to it being an ork. I try and make the top of the iris wider, more of a half circle instead of just a dot. It helps put in a pupil instead of a slit for an iris. I do hold my breath quite a bit when I do this even if I do have a decently steady hand. Make sure you are using a brush with a sharp tip.

Vallejo Game Color Goblin Green goes on as the next highlight. Again, straight from the bottle and onto the wet palette. I switch to a smaller brush so I have more control of placing color in higher areas of highlights. I cover a bit less area than I did with the previous color, hitting the parts where the skin gets more light, but not worrying too much about where the light source is coming from. That will be in the next two highlights. I am feathering this color in. Place short little strokes and kind of flick out the end where you want the colors to kind of blend into each other. I also do like putting striations into ork skin because that gives them a bit of definition to their muscles.

Starting at this point you can do what I did or diverge and put in Bonewhite as the highlight instead if you want it to go a little bit more pastely instead. I went for Game Workshop/Citadel Yriel Yellow as I do not like the Vallejo yellows. I mixed about 1 Goblin Green:1 Yriel Yellow. This goes on higher highlights and in more areas that get light, so more on the raised portions of skin. This again can go in more of a striated look as that will give more depth to some of the flatter areas on the arms.

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