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Ork Skin Tones

Hello folks!

My name is Yeji from Snickernack Studios and Models-Workshop. I am a commission painter, mini painter teacher, podcaster, and award winner. The lesson here today is going to be on ork skin. It is based off of my unnatural skin tones class, but since Big Mek’s Garage here is more based on Warhammer 40k, I chose to do an ork.

In the video, as shown in the photo above, I have started off with priming the skin white. You can do whatever you choose on this. In the past I primed ork skin with black, but I think the white worked well with my wanting to have the shadow color pool in the recesses. It also does give the model a bit of an overall slightly brighter/more vibrant look at the end.

We start off with Reaper Forest Green, a rich, dark blue green. I love this color because it provides the cold tone that I want in the shadows. It goes really well with the warmer skin tone that I will be doing on the ork. You can water this down a bit, so it allows for easier pooling, maybe just a tad thicker than a wash. One thin coat goes on making sure to pool a bit in the recesses. I really mainly want this to be the darkest shadows so I don’t worry about other parts of the skin being blotchy at this point. Wait for the recesses to dry before you go to the next step.

The next color that goes on is Vallejo Game Color Dark Green. You want to start covering the ork’s big surfaces of skin minus the recesses. I use paint straight out of the dropper bottle onto my wet palette. I cannot paint in Las Vegas without a wet palette. You could choose to put this color on first overall and then wash it with the Reaper Forest Green, but that would give a bit of a cooler skin tone and I highlight this skin with yellow, so I chose not to do that as I feel it would clash a bit. Again, make sure this dries before going to the next section.

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