One morning, I rolled out of bed and said… “Mek… you’re going to make yourself a Heretic Astartes Kill Team from the crap in your bitz box”. Yes, I do speak to myself, and of myself, in the third person, and also yes, I have a fairly serious bitz collection.

Making him look like the Transformer named Bumblebee was a happy accident. I’ve since dubbed him Bumblebeezulbubba.

Searching through the closet, I found one of the small Chaos Cultist box sets (retail $15) I received from Matt Gilbert, a gift from the #Warmongers Secret Santa from about 5 years ago, I’d wager. In that kit are 3 cultists armed with autoguns, and two with the “brutal close combat weapon and autopistol”. That’s almost half of the Kill Team already.


Further digging and I found the boxes that contained the infamous #210 project that I never finished from Warhammer 40,000 Sixth Edition, where I planned to create a mob of 210 chaos cultists. Many of these models were not appropriately armed, but I was able to find enough models to have all of the correct cultists I needed for the Kill Team list, including two Chaos Cultist Gunners with Flamers. One of the hidden gems with the Heretic Astartes Kill Team list is the access to all the extra flamers, which are extremely handy in close quarters fights like you experience in Kill Team.

Ladies and Gentlemen… the Bloodhound Gang…

The next step would be to locate the Chaos Space Marines I needed, including an Aspiring Champion. Luckily, for some random reason I bought a Kranon the Relentless when they were running super cheap on eBay, when Dark Vengeance was the box set du jour. I believe I paid $1 for it, and even got it shipped for about 20 cents because it was a bulk order. Lessons to learn here are, buy when things are super cheap, bundle, and anticipate overstocks. For example, when Battle For Calth came out, people bought multiple sets, because they wanted the infantry, terminators, and the Contemptor Dread. Pretty soon, they would have 4 or 5 sets, including 4 or 5 of the special characters, the Terminator Captain and the Chaplain. Those are still both great models you can acquire very cheaply, and the Chaplain really lends itself to excellent conversions/kit bashes.

Mono-posed, yet magnificent.

My first Specialist was a Zealot, so he gets an extra attack and extra strength when charging. Armed with a chainsword and bolt pistol, he was easy to create out of some old Khorne Berserker and Chaos Space Marine Raptor parts. A suitably scary looking head from the Chaos Possessed kit, and he was complete.

Sure, he’s ugly, and his arms are held on with poster tac, but he’s mine and I love him. 😛

My second specialist, instead of adding another flamer (for a total of 4), I decided to use a heavy bolter, along with the Heavy specialization, so he could move and shoot in the same turn. I also decided to use a modern Space Marine Heavy Bolter, and not one of the CSM relics. The heavy bolter in question is from the previous Devastator box set, so it is modern but not too modern. As the Aspiring Champion of the group is from the Crimson Slaughter chapter, I figured I could go similar with the other models, a touch more modern, a touch more mutated, and unaligned to any particular chaos god. A very angry, bovine-esque horned head rounded out the heavy gunner, and I was ready to move on to the third specialist.

The third specialist ended up being basically a raptor without wings. I’m not sure if the lads just pinned him down and cut them off or not, but he had raptor arms, a raptor head, and a flamer. Yes, another flamer. Flamers are cool, so shut up. (Yet another post note, Flamers suck against the Death Guard, as I have learned painfully in a Kill Team tournament and in our local Kill Team League).

Heavy Bolter Specialist on left, Flamer Specialist behind him, hiding because he is ugly.

So, there we have it. I built (and even kinda painted) a Kill Team, using crap from my bitz box. So what are you building next?

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