Kill Team landed last month and has seen plenty of gamer clashing in small scale tactical missions. The fast-paced and balanced gameplay has certainly been gracing my tabletop. We thought it might be fun to go into a little detail on our Kill Teams, why we run them and how they perform! In this instance, we’ll be looking at Kenny’s Death Guard Kill Team – The Weeping Sores.

Why Death Guard?

Look! That Poxwalker is totally holding hands with that Plague Marine with the mouth-belly. Totes Adorbz!

I have absolutely always been enamored with the Death Guard. Being a fan of Chaos, I’ve always adored their implacability as well as their perturbing merriment.

I run Death Guard primarily in Warhammer 40K 8th edition, so I already had plenty of Plague Marines and Poxwalkers! However, this just gave me another excuse to grab another box and get some variety on the go. The inexorable advance of the Plague Marines coupled with a Poxwalker or two chortling as they march was too good a chance to pass up.

My Kill Team is comprised of –

Volghor the Feculant – Plague Champion (Leader Specialist)
Pestor the Generous – Plague Marine Gunner (Heavy Specialist)
Trudge the Ceaseless – Plague Marine Fighter (Combat Specialist)
Rancidius the Putrid – Plague Marine (Veteran Specialist)
Malignus the Bountiful – Plague Marine Gunner
Golchor the Merry – Poxwalker

Why the loadouts?

I’m fortunate in that Plague Marines are very, very versatile. They have access to a major plathora of wargear. There were two key things I absolutely wanted to run above all else. Firstly, the Blight Launcher. On paper this thing is simply essential. It’s got good range, multiple shots, strong AP value as well as multiple wound damage. Primaris Marines? Nothing to worry about.

The second I wanted to take was the Plague Spewer. With the opportunity to hit and would with between 1 and 6 attacks, this thing is safe to take down anything without reach.

I also included a Plague Marine with banner as my veteran as I love the model. The Plague Champion packs a Power Fist and Plasma Gun, acting as a reliable combatant in both close and ranged combat. My Fighter comes with a Flail of Corruption alongside a Poxwalker who acts solely as a distraction so my other fighters can get into position.

How they’ve performed

The Blight Launcher has done exceptionally well. With the range allowing him to hit fairly reliably in most games, he points at enemies and they cease to exist. The Plague Spewer has done alright, but nothing to write home about.

The Flail of Corruption on my Plague Marine Fighter is also a valuable asset. Another weapon with strong AP value and multiple wounds, as soon as he reaches an enemy model it’s typically wiped off the board. The Poxwalker charging alongside him has typically failed to hit the mark. A huge shame, really, as a tactica allows me to resurrect an enemy fighter as Poxwalker if killed in close combat by a Poxwalker!

My fighters have overall done well. I played in a friendly campaign recently in which four of the six games saw a Death Guard victory. They sought to wrestle a planet from control of Genestealer Cultist insurgence. The only area they seem to fail in is, predictably, movement. Any mission that relies on them going from one edge of the board to the other is essentially a lost cause.

What I’d change

There’s not a lot I’d change about my Kill Team at this point in time. I would love to give them some more maneuverability which may be achievable via some tactics or specialisms. Bar that, they do exactly what I need them to.

The Weeping Sores press onwards, chortling and grinning as they march. With Blight Grenades volleying overhead, they crush their victims underfoot with an unstoppable tide of pestilence and filth.

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