I’m making more progress on the centerpieces for the moon tables. However the Texas weather has been uncooperative. I’ve been priming the foam parts with Behr Ultra Paint+Primer (an awesome product for model makers… a sample size will last forever an costs less than $3). I need to get outside and spray prime the plastic parts. But of course, it’s freezing cold. It’s actually snowing today. In Texas. Not wet, slushy snow. White fluffy popcorn. Orville Fucking Reddenbacher.

So so far I’ve made…

An abandoned mining station. It’s primed (except for the plastic). It even has a little drybrushing on it.

Half of a ravine.

First sulfur vents.

Small Rocky Hills.

Start of an ancient temple.

And here are some photographs for you to enjoy, or make fun of… 🙂

(Click to enlarge)

2moon1 2moon2 2moon3


So what do you think so far?

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