I am a pretty busy guy. I work full time and have a wife and 17 month old daughter. Because of all this, I find it hard to get much hobbying done. One thing I have found is that setting hobby goals really gets you focussed to get something done. I try to pick 1 unit to paint or a vehicle to convert in a given month and just focus on that until its complete. I try to keep it simple, but really push myself once in a while.

July’s goal: a Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun and a squad of 15 Lootas.

July 1st: With my Hobby A.D.D. I had previously started painting these but didnt get far.


July 15th: at mid month, I was feeling good about the progress. Most color blocking is done, just a little more touch up before I start on washes.


July 28th: goal complete!!! A few days early too!


Keeping goals has really helped me focus. I have about half of a planned 1850 Ork Freebooter list painted now. I don’t always meet my monthly  hobby goal, but even if I don’t, it is still a lot more progress than I would have made without the goal i set. I’ve never been able to put a fully painted army down on the table to play a game, but I am hoping to this year.

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