Everyone knows the old expression, “Money Talks, and Bullshit Walks”. Personally, I’ve never actually seen either happen. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure where I was going with that.

I wanted to let everyone know that we would be introducing very non-intrusive monetization methods into the website. If Curtis (Lil Mek) or I recommend a product, we will provide an Amazon affiliate link to it. If you buy it, we will get a small percentage of your purchase.


What does this mean to you? Probably nothing at all. You’ll probably not even notice the links, which will just look like regular outgoing links to another website. Like this one! There will be affiliate codes in the links, and only the web savvy amongst you will even notice they are there.

What this DOES mean, is that the hosting costs, however nominal, will be offset. If there is more money, we will start bringing back contests. Actually, scratch that, we will bring back contests anyway, we will just have more contests.

What this DOESN’T mean is that we will be shilling products just for the sake of shilling products. If I think something is a piece of shit, I damn sure won’t steer you towards buying it. If it doesn’t have a place at my workstation, it doesn’t belong on this site. If Curtis tries to sell you something that sucks, I’ll box his ears and feed him to the grots.Batgrot

The Big Mek 🙂

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