Here is a Step by step guide I use to make objective markers, and in game counters. I forget to use some of the army benefits i paid points for when i build a list, so i made some reminders for myself. Here is an example of what i am talking about.



Steps to follow:

1. Google “1 inch circle” word template. Find one you trust, and download it.

2. Find or make a monochrome (just makes it easier to read) image or army symbol, then add numbers/font to the image via Gimp (free).

Example: Here is the number 2 objective i made for my Freebooterz Army, using Gimp.


3. Add them 1 by 1 to the template and resize as needed to fit in the 1 inch circles.

4. print on regular paper

5. Buy these 3 things:

i. Acrylic 1 inch circle stickers (Beadaholique 100-Piece Epoxy Stickers for Bottle Cap Pendants, 1-Inch, Clear)

ii. Smashed bottle caps (100 Flattened Chrome Bottle Caps Silver Bottlecaps Flat)

iii. Circle cutter (Fiskars 174360-1001 Round ‘n Round Squeeze Punch, Punches 1-Inch Circle, Medium)

6. Cut them out your marker/objective with scissors, carefully apply the clear epoxy sticker to the top of the objective. Then use double sided tape to apply it into bottle cap.

Following these you can cheaply and easily make themed objectives and markers for your army or event.



~lil mek


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