lazydogTruthfully, I have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes in my local Warhammer 40k community. But the one thing I haven’t been doing much of is tinkering. If a Big Mek isn’t tinkering, then Big Mek isn’t really me, it’s just a cute meaningless nickname. I mean sure, I am powerfully built, and I have a lower jaw like a cast iron sink, but I really need to be sharing more with you guys.

I have been working on models a little bit. I recently have been building Land Speeder Storms and Assault Terminators for my Exorcist Space Marine force. I know, it isn’t Orky. But I have actually been getting rid of my Khorne Demons, and slowly amassing a new Ork Army. Yup! So perhaps in early 2015 you’ll start to see my new Blood Axes roll out, in all their camouflaged, sneaky-git glory. Can you dig it?


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