I was just reading an interesting question over at the DFW 40k Meetup Group on Facebook and thought I should share it with you guys.

KD – I just finished flocking a Games Workshop Battle Table set, I primed, flocked, and sprayed 50;50 glue/water over it and its still “shedding” flock, any ideas on making it more solid and not lose flock?

SM – Go to a Beauty supply shop and get a gallon of hair spray (not aerosol-for pump spraying). Make sure it is odorless version. Get several plastic pump sprayer s hair stylists use. Spray a light coat on the flocking and let dry. Do this for three coats. It works. I use this for my own 2×2 terrain tile system. Used it for a previous 2×2 system. Worked there too.

Great bit of info for all you custom-terrain building Mekheads out there, right?

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