OK, so we did a poll, the first of many, to determine what armies were primarily played by our readers/listeners. I don’t think the numbers are too shocking…



I guess one shocking part is that there are as many Ork players as there are Marine players. Could that be because I’m The Big Mek and that sways my readers, or is it because people who read here are more hobbyists than super-competitive types? When you look at the army breakdowns at the big tournaments, you hardly ever see Orks. Maybe because Ork’s aren’t conducive to timed play, due to the size of the hordes? In an era of flyer spam, you’d think Orks would be perfect, rolling buckets of dice that hit on 6’s instead of the usual 5+.

There also seem to be a lot more Dark Eldar players than competitive play would suggest are out there. Maybe these are the Dark Eldar/Eldar players? Is Raider spam the only way to deal with Wave Serpent spam?

I should do this again sometime with Daemons and Chaos Space Marines split up, to see the true MEQ saturation.

Also, zero Blood Angels players. Because Sanguinius is a bitch.


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