Time To Make The Donuts

Last Saturday at Texicon, The Lil Mek and myself taught an Intermediate basing class to a cacophonous throng of wargaming enthusiasts. OK, I lied, there were lots of gamers there, but they were downstairs playing Warmachine. Upstairs, the turnout wasn’t quite so impressive, but the bases were considerably more so.

Big Mek giving his lunch order… or teaching a class, whatever.

Putty Is Your Buddy

The first thing we did was talk about making great bases with putty and stamps. Personally, I have backed every Kickstarter from Happy Seppuku Model Works and am a huge fan of their stuff. They were kind enough to send along some extra base blanks and Magic Sculpt, and we had a lot of fun with them.


We went on to discuss Magic Sculpt’s properties, and how it was great for these applications. We also discussed pros and cons for Green Stuff (expensive, excellent for organics) and Black Milliput (best for replicating metal).

Later we discussed foliage, and for a short moment just perused the pictures on my Twitter feed and on my iPad, because it seemed like every time someone had a question, I had a picture that could explain it better than I ever could. All in all, I would say that the first class was a success and we had a good time.

Look for the Big Mek (and maybe the Lil Mek) at a Con near you!

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