Predrag and I have been butting heads on Games Workshop lately. Here’s an entertaining clip of a recent conversation. Hope you enjoy it. For the record, I don’t think Privateer Press is ugly. 🙂

Games Workshop Vs. Chapterhouse

The Big Mek – Hey sorry we keep bumping heads on GW. I just don’t see it as a “zero sum” game and I see good things for everyone because of this.

Predrag Vasiljevic – I don’t mind us bumping heads, no worries 😉 I am, however, genuinely worried since people somehow fail to see what I see how things might develop. For this to be good for everyone, humans should all be honest people. Since the majority are not, it’s more probable it will go downhill. People like that damned ugly Privateer Press more than GW anyway, so GW will more likely cut its losses and revert into being a small firm. And if that happens, all the other firms die too, since GW is the one doing the actual marketing of the hobby. Sorry for me being pessimistic. I’ll probably stop being when people start bashing someone other than GW. No other firm gets the bashing. I hope the court order doesn’t screw up our gaming, I really do. And I do hope it’s going to be for the best for everyone.

 – First, it’s a US court so in no way binding in the UK or Europe. Second, GW won’t tuck tail and run. They’ll adapt, improvise, and overcome.


 – So far in the past 2 years all they did was abandon instead of adapt and overcome :/ that’s why I’m pessimistic.


– They abandoned “dead” systems. Court shows 50% of income from WH40k, 50% from all other sources combined. So, support the cash cow.


– As for GW, they abandoned their Twitter and Facebook pages. The specialist games weren’t unexpected, that’s a different matter. I’m more thinking that in a flight-or-fight situation where they should adapt (or fight) they pick flight. So… yeah, I’m a little down about it. I’ll feel better if the Apocalypse release surprises me with nice non-Apple downloadable formations, and nice new models.

Social Media and GW

– GW abandoned Twitter and Facebook. They chose to disregard the heat. Spots the Space Marine, etc. Bad call. Says they don’t care.


– As for GW being overly-protective about their IP, nobody noticed one important thing: all the idiotic shenanigans were DURING the CHS case. Before the case, GW was lenient about such idiocies as the Space Marine novel. I think it was an idiotic lawyer attempt to show they do protect their IP so that nobody would hurt them during the CHS case, but it backfired. Lawyers don’t get internet 🙂 now, the fact that they do care about customers, at least somewhat, is a conversation I had with their Twitter account while it was active. They practically said they don’t mind me obtaining pirated PDFs, and that choosing Apple for their (now first) digital platform wasn’t because of piracy protection.

Digital Products –

– Now, as for the digital products, that’s another story, I’ll support them even if they are $50 for 5 pages, just to screw with fucking Apple


– The reason Apple gets the support it gets is because it’s one OS, one Machine. Android is hundreds of machines, poor quality control on app store. Apple is like McDonalds. The French fries taste the same in Montreal QC, and Boca Raton FL

– My hatred for Apple is another topic, I wouldn’t use their products even if they were the last electronics on the planet. On a side note, McDonald’s fries don’t taste the same in European McDonald’s 🙂

– Probably a supply chain thing. Potatoes are more perishable than PCB’s 🙂


– It’s a franchise rule, I think, they’re obligated to use locally grown foods and meat. Tastes therefore differ a little between countries. Oh, oh, side note: the Android digital thingies, the prices are… weird. Bigger docs are triple in value for double page count. Odd. Then other documents are just 1.5 the price for almost thrice the amount of pages. Utterly weird pricing.

– The Android Market is weird.








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