Hey everyone. We had another great contest with a lot of impressive entries. It was really hard coming up with a top 3 for this contest. But we’ve finally done it. All of the winners will receive credit at Wargamma!


Third Place – Fear GFX

cc2This is a really impressive mud base. I like the one lonely skull just hanging out by itself. Personally, I follow Khorne, so anything less than 5 skulls is just depressing to me… but hey, one skull… that’s grimdark man, that’s grimdark! 🙂

Second Place – Christopher Chesnut


This is one HOT snow base. I watched this base come up from scrap, and it is fantastic. The intermingling of snow and mud remind me of football games as a kid in upstate New York. This is a great base, and I’m glad it was part of this contest!

And the winner is…. Vidpui Markes!


I can not run out of good things to say about this base. Incredible textures, great use of natural colors. And he made a fracking tree! Yeah, that’s not some twig from his back yard, that’s a tree made from scratch using wire and what I believe to be Celluclay (Vidpui, tell us your secret for bark!).  Everything about this base suggests that if you left it in the window to long, and it was wet, it would grow leaves and flowers. This base is absolutely breathtaking, and I’m proud to say that Vidpui has won yet another contest at Big Mek’s Garage. If the pictures weren’t so incredible, people would think I was cheating! 🙂


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