So my new challenge is to create 210 unique little snowflakes Chaos Cultists to complete 6 full troops slots of cultists. Oh, and I want to do it for under $1 a miniature, using mostly GW product if at all possible. IMPOSSIBLE? Well let’s just see about that.

Added Complications and Rules

They Have to Be Unique

Not unique via paint (one’s blonde, one’s brunette). Unique via design, sculpt, etc.

I can’t use my bitz box.

Galan (@galdaco) says new players won’t have a bitz box like I have, so it isn’t fair that I use mine. Well, bullocks. Guess this is going to be a killer.

Mostly GW parts.

Some of our listeners play in GW stores, so using Chapterhouse parts probably won’t be kosher. Although some great basing with stuff from the epic Secret Weapon Miniatures is probably cool.

So how the hell am I going to pull this off?

Common wisdom says I won’t. But screw common wisdom in its fuzzy bunghole. First off, I know what kits to look at. Empire Flagellants, Chaos Marauders, Beastmen Gor herds, and Catachan Imperial Guard are a good start. But even at 25% off retail, I won’t get anywhere near my goal of $1/miniature. So I’ll have to get creative. Do some simple green stuff work. Buy Bitz online (and watch out for shipping prices).

This isn’t going to be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. ┬áSo who is with me?