7. Chill Out On The Caffeine –

This will not apply to some of you. Some of you can drink a pot of black coffee and then take a nap. I am not that guy. In my days of competitive shooting (NRA Bullseye Pistol if you care), I was told not to have energy drinks in the morning before shooting. In Bullseye Pistol, you are shooting a full frame pistol at targets 25 and 50 meters away WITH ONE HAND. A millimeter of movement by your hand could be far more at the end of the range. At first I didn’t listen, and I could see my hand jitter as I tried to aim. Suffice to say, you can, while hopped up on NOS Energy, still build models, prime, and basecoat. But if you have any reaction at all to caffeinated beverages, do not try edge highlighting or painting fine details on your miniature’s face until you’ve come down off your sugar high.


6. Pretend Glue Is A Precious Commodity –

Yes, this is really a modelling tip. However, I have seen many paint jobs completely ruined because of an overly liberal application of superglue. Personally, I prefer to use superglue gel. You just get a lot better control of the application. Don’t be afraid to practice however. Take a piece of paper, and practice putting the tiniest dots of superglue gel on the paper, one at a time. When you feel like you understand how the bottle applies glue (and it will change as the bottle ages), then go ahead and glue your model. Your armies will thank you!


5. Slow Down! –

We talked earlier about thinning your paints, because too much paint diminishes the quality of your paint job. Well, too much effort at once, or rushing things will mess up your paint job as well. Applying a wash when the last layer you painted isn’t dry yet… MAKES A MESS!  Wait for it to dry! Go do something else! Some of my best hobby progress has come in ten minute spurts. I come to my desk, mix two drops of paint and one drop of water, paint a layer, rinse my brush, and I’ll be back tomorrow. Trying to glop on a bunch of color just to “get it done”, instead of being patient and covering it with two or three thin layers… MAKES A MESS! If you want to play with ugly models, do whatever you want, or give your kids some fingerpaints and let them do it for you. If you want good looking models, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on them, take your time, dammit!




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